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Coffee can turn strangers into best friends

Uganda - Fyngan
Uganda - Fyngan
Uganda - Fyngan
Uganda - Fyngan
Uganda - Fyngan
Uganda - Fyngan
Uganda - Fyngan
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Earthy, Floral, Bright Acidity
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    Our Ugandan coffee is grown in the Central Lowlands region, located near the Lake Victoria Basin. This area is known for its low altitudes and reliance on constant rainfall to nurture the beans. As a result, our Uganda Robusta offers an energized and bright cup of coffee with a rich floral aroma.

    Our beans are grown at altitudes between 1200-1500m, allowing them to absorb more minerals and nutrients. When you brew a cup of our Ugandan coffee, you'll be treated to an earthy flavor with bright acidity.

    Our Ugandan coffee is harvested during the Nov-Feb and May-August periods and is made using the natural process. It's a screen type SC15 coffee that is sure to please the palate.

    We are proud to support the hardworking farmers in the Central Lowlands region who grow our coffee. They are experts at cultivating high-quality beans, and we are honored to work with them.

    Indulge in the bright and energizing flavors of our Ugandan coffee, grown by skilled farmers in the Central Lowlands region. It's a delicious and satisfying choice for any coffee lover.


    HARVEST                      Nov - Feb May - August
    ALTITUDE                     1,200–1,500m (3,900–4,900ft) above sea level
    GROWING REGION     Central Lowlands
    VARIETY                       Robusta natural process, screen type SC15
    CUPPING NOTES         Earthy with bright acidity.