About us

Coffee is more than just a commodity - it's a way for communities to tell their stories. At Fyngan, we're dedicated to sharing these stories through every cup we serve. We started in a small kitchen, with nothing more than a popcorn maker and a dream. But our story doesn't stop there. As we source only the finest, responsibly grown coffee from around the world, we become a part of the stories of the farmers and their families. We believe that our relationship with them is a responsibility, and it's one that we take seriously.

At Fyngan, we're not just about the coffee you're drinking - we're about the journey to your cup and the discussions and conversations it sparks. We're committed to refining the grit of our community and redefining what it means to be a great place to be. Whether you're enjoying a cup at home or sharing it with friends, know that you're a part of our story at Fyngan.